Where to buy CBD Oil in Salt Lake City, UT?

People derive CBD oil directly from cannabis, a type of cannabinoid whose traces we find in the marijuana plant. Even though CBD oils come from the marijuana plant, they do not have a ‘high’ effect on the users because they have a very low content of THC. Due to its amazing healing capabilities, people from all across the globe are CBD oil instead of modern pain killers. Just a decade ago, CBD oils were not legal, but now, they are legal in most states and cities of the U.S. If you live in UT and do not know where to buy CBD oil in Salt Lake City, UT, you have landed at just the right page.

This page mentions the best 4 places to buy CBD oil in Salt Lake City, UT, to ease your CBD shopping.

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Places to Buy CBD Oil in Salt Lake City, UT

Here are some of the best places in the vicinity to buy premium CBD oils:


It is a homeopathic pharmacy/establishment where you can get a variety of organic as well as inorganic CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD supplements, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, and CBD topicals.

The store has a very good pristine to it and smells very good and fresh. The staff that you would speak with it very knowledgeable and ready to assist in case you have queries or need recommendations.

Moreover, they offer free samples of their CBD products as well so, if you want to try out to have the best product out there, in the market, head over to this store.

ADDRESS: 4356 S 900 E, Millcreek, UT 84124, United States.


The CBD oil shop is an herbal medicine pharmacy in Cottonwood heights, very near to Salt Lake City. Although the address is a little confusing because you would have to find a shop inside a big office building, the products are worth going for.

They have a wide selection of CBD oils along with other CBD products, such as CBD gummies and CBD topicals. Moreover, you can also find over-the-counter herbal medicines there.

The staff is quite friendly and co-operative. However, the workers could be busy during peak hours so, you would have to wait for your turn.

ADDRESS: 6975 Union Park Ave #600, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84047, United States.


This store does not disappoint, as well. They have excellent customer service along with unique CBD products. Their CBD gummies and CBD oils are worth buying as the people are saying to be more effective as compared to the products of other stores nearby.

They give your time to learn about their products. One of the workers would always be there to deliver all the information that you might need.

Moreover, their inventory is top-notch. If you are looking for a great store nearby, this is the one.

ADDRESS:  680 E 600 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, United States.


It is an herb plus CBD oils shop in Salt Lake City, UT. They used to have their store in Thyme, but they relocated, and the store is more significant than ever. The store has a welcoming environment and an excellent inventory.

They have a great selection of CBD oils and adaptogens that help a lot in curing depression and anxiety.

It is a well-needed store for the Salt Lake city’s community.

ADDRESS: 376 E 4th Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, United States.



If you are considering to buy CBD oil for the first time, avoid going to local dispensaries and pharmacies as they do not have good CBD oils available. These stores sell the best CBD oils available in Salt Lake City.

However, we do not vouch for their products. If you want to buy purely organic CBD oils by sitting at your home, visit our online CBD oils store and give it a shot.

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