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Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil is a company that was founded back in 2012 by a very serious cannabis advocate, and it came up with its very first product in 2013, since then, the company has produced very many products since then, making a very big impact in the industry.

The company is very dedicated to making a very big impact in the world by producing very high quality and supporting the accessibility of the best CBD products to reach the whole world. The company strives to make sure that they are making very safe products. The top agenda of Bluebird Botanicals Company is to strive and give the very best quality control standards in their production even if the law limits a lot. The best thing about this company is that it produces a large variety of products ranging from CBD oils to vape oils and other very many products.

How is the whole process done?

The process involved until the production of the Bluebird Botanicals CBD is keen on the environment and the quality of the process. First the company partners with farmers who grow the plants with organic methods, it permits no GMO method hence the plants used are GMO-free after the plants are ready for extraction; It passes the flowers through CO2 or alcohol to extract the contents. They use the extracts in the current manufacture forms which include oils, vapes, and capsules, they take to the lab for thorough testing before it sells them out.  They delivered directly to your location after the purchase.


  • There is a wide variety of products produced by the company; Some of these products come in the form of;
    1. Hemp extract CBD oils

    This is one product that Bluebird Botanicals Company is manufacturing. It is the best-selling because of the high quality. The extracts are GMO-free and made using full-spectrum extract, which gives the user the very best effects, which are also therapeutic. For the dilute version, you will get about 250 milligrams of CBD in every fluid but if you want the concentrated one you will get around 1500 milligrams for every ounce. The products also come in very different sizes; you can get 1/3, 1, 2, 4, and 8 in terms of ounces.

    1. CBD capsules

    Another mostly used form of CBD is Capsules. They contain at least 15 milligrams of CBD in every capsule. The capsules are the best because they have already measured the size for you for a daily dose, also for those who normally struggle to take the CBD oil, and then this will save them a lot.

    1. CBD vape oil

    This is a very concentrated one, it contains at least one gram of CBD in everyone, and this is the very best option for people who don’t prefer using capsules or taking the oil, but they are very familiar with the use of inhalers.


    The pros of Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil

    So why should you choose Bluebird Botanicals? Well, there are very many advantages of working with this company with the purchasing of your products; The company gives the very best in terms of quality, which you will not regret buying from them. Some advantages include;

  • Committed customer care

The very best thing about this company is the customer care services. The company has invested much time in caring about the customers; they always give the first consideration to the clients. Your questions or concerns will be replied within the shortest time possible and within the most relevant answers to make sure that the client is satisfied. The employees have maximum care for the clients, and they still do follow up services to make sure that the client got the best of services they were looking for.

  • A wide range of products

Everybody knows Bluebird Botanicals for bringing into the market that has very many ways of administering, it is just not about taking the oils only, now in this company you can as well access the vape for those who are good at inhaling, the capsules are also available for those people who don’t like the oils very much and is also not familiar with Vaping. This gives a chance for very many people to choose whichever method they are comfortable with

  • Transparency

Bluebird Botanicals is a very transparent company, and they tested everything they sell in the labs to make sure that everything is according to the standards. They exercise quality control with a lot of strictness to make sure that nothing goes to the market that is substandard, and their batch testing is good too. The bottlers have batch numbers, and we can track them to trace the exact batch the bottle came from.

  • The company is realistic on the important information.

One problem with other companies is that they emphasize a lot on the marketing and the sales and they give a very inaccurate and deceitful information to the customers some that they can reach their target sales, Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil gives a very realistic information so that a client that will help the client understand both the advantages and the disadvantages too. For the sake of higher sales, they give no false information.

Cons of Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil

Bluebird Botanicals is a good company. However, there are certain areas that can be very inconvenient. These includes

  • Price

There is a problem with the price; the products are a bit pricy, which can discourage many people from using them, which is a very big inconvenience.

  • Confusing names

During shopping you can find different names which are very confusing, for instance, names like; classics, complete among others are very unfamiliar, making it difficult to shop

CBD Oil 1500 mg THC FREE
CBD Oil 1500 mg THC FREE

Stratagems you need to ponder while buying

Always be clinched and read product descriptions and label rather than regretting it later and finding out that, you cite the wrong one. Above anything else, we’re known to provide the best CBD products.


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