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Diamond CBD is one of the biggest companies in the industry of CBD. If you search for Diamond CBD products, you will get results of over 400 varieties. Meaning it really has been in the game for quite some time. Company founded back in 2007, and they locate the headquarters in Florida. We don’t know who is the founders of the company, but as of now, the chief executive officer is Kevin Hagen.

The company values CBD research and development, and that’s have been one of the key factors that have led to its success. Although they have received no awards, the company is recognized by several cannabis authorities such as Leafly, MassRoots and HQ Trade magazine. Many consumers’ media have recommended products from this company, and they also have a good track record.

CBD source and quality.

Diamond CBD claims that they have a team of competent farmers, scientists, and doctors who work tirelessly to ensure the consumers receive the purest and finest quality. They harvest their hemp from their partner farms in Scandinavia, Kentucky, and Colorado. They do the extraction of CBD using a process that involves using carbon IV oxide and submitting the product under extreme pressure, and this ensures that the product extracted is of the highest quality.

We consider this method the most expensive, but it ensures that the CBD extracted is very pure and clean. They test each batch in the laboratories to ensure that the product meets all the standards. They supervised the manufacturing process carefully from when the plants are being grown to how the distribution of the final product to the world.

CBD Oil 3000 mg THC FREE
CBD Oil 3000 mg THC FREE


As one of the largest companies in the CBD industry, Diamond CBD offers a wide variety of products. As a buyer, you are free to choose any type, form, and variation of the product that makes you happy. Of finding CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD for pets, CBD drinks, CBD tropical and creams, and CBD for vapes. Each of their products has over 20 variants, and they vary depending on CBD strength, flavor, and scent. But the products they offer are among the best CBD products today. Some specifications about their products include:

  • Offers discounts from time to time if you buy from their website.
  • A bottle of Lawrence Taylor pain master CBD cream will cost just 119 dollars.
  • CBD bath cotton bomb 1000 mg is just 19.99 dollars.
  • The biotech cream of 1000 mg is 149.99 dollars.
  • The CBD full spectrum honey tincture of 2500 mg equivalent to 30 ml is 319.99 dollars.
  • Theirgummies comes at a very affordable price. The Yum Yum gummy of 500 mg will cost you 39.99 dollars.
  • Their products have less than 0.3 percent content of THC. You are not getting high if you use their products.
  • They make all their products in the USA.
  • Free 2 day shipping and return.
  • They have a 15-day return policy. Customers in the US can enjoy free shipping if the order is above a hundred dollars.
  • We do not intend their products to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • If you are nursing a child or pregnant, they advise it you do not use the Diamond CBD products.
  • The products are not to be used by persons under the age of 18. And they should only use it as they direct it on the label.


  • Diamond CBD is one of the largest companies in the CBD industry. They offer a variety of products are of high quality. Of going for the one that suits you and the one you find affordable.
  • Their products are very effective when it comes to relieving pain, and they are also very good at improving moods. As long as you use the product as directed on the label or consult your doctor before using it, it will help you relieve your pain or improve your moods.
  • Diamond CBD has available products forpets. Since the CBD for humans it’s different from the CBD for your pets, Diamond CBD has gone a step further and manufactured some CBD products for your cat, dog, or whichever pet you own.
  • The shipping for Diamond CBD products in the USA is free as long as the order a hundred dollars or more.
  • The oils come with different flavors and strength levels. If you buy a product today and you don’t like the flavor, of buying a product with a different flavor.
  • Return policy of 15 days. If you don’t like a product or it affects you after using it, you can return the product within 15 days, and they will give you your money back.
  • The oils from Diamond CBD are very versatile.
  • Their products contain 0.3 or less content of THC, so none will make you high.
  • Offers discounts from time to time on different products.


  • Their products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Even though they feature in the HQ trade magazine, MassRoots, and Leafly, FDA does not test them so you cannot be so sure of the claims about the magnificence of their products.
  • The prices of their products are more expensive compared to products from other companies, but this might be because they use the most expensive method to extract the CBD and the products are of the highest quality.
  • When using oil, there are no recommended amounts that you should use.


The products from Diamond CBD are of a good standard with more pros than cons, products you should definitely try out.

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Things You Should Know When Buying CBD Oil

The only reason why CBD is the first choice of many people when treating certain ailments is that it’s natural. Though some pharmacies and medical centers may claim to provide original CBD products, it is recommended to buy it only from trusted sources.

This is because processed, pre-heated, or modified CBD will just make your pain worse. Above anything else, we’re known to provide the best CBD products.


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