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Choosing the right or the best CBD product is no easy. You will need to go through hundreds of products testing each and see the one that works best for you. If you are not so sure where you should start, I hope this greens road review will help you.


Company overview.

Greens roads are not really such a big company, but it has a lot of impact in the CBD industry. They started it back in 2011 by Lara Fuentes and Arby Barroso. We dedicate the company to offer their customers alternatives for prescription medications that have a lot of benefits to the users. This means that if you are battling with chronic anxiety or even chronic pain, definitely check out the products from a greens road.

They distribute the Greens Roads products to over 5000 retail stores across the USA and if you are highly likely to find a Greens Roads product from your local retail shop. The company has a purpose if inspiring hope and restoring happiness to all its customers. In that case, they have partnered with Mission zero, which is an organization an army veteran Jose Belen to help end PTSD and veteran suicide problems found that. The company works closely with military personnel to help bring healing and hope.

CBD source and quality.

Just like many CBD companies in the US, greens roads have their source of CBD from hemp plants grown in Colorado. They have inside inspectors to check the plants constantly to ensure that they are of high quality and as clean as possible. When the products are ready in Colorado, then they transported to Florida for processing.

After they have processed the products, it then tests them in a third-party laboratory to ensure that they meet all the standards required. After the testing, they display the findings on their website for all to see whenever you want. You can also buy their products from your website too.

CBD Capsules 30ct THC FREE
CBD Capsules 30ct THC FREE

Greens roads products and specifications.

Greens roads have an impressive collection of the CBD products that they offer. It has almost all forms of CBD that you have been looking for providing you with an opportunity to choose exactly what you need and want.

Greens roads CBD oils.

The greens roads CBD oil products are available in different potency options that range from 100 mg to 3500 mg. What I mean by this is that you can go for a greens road product that has the content of CBD 100 mg, 250 mg, 550 mg, 100 mg, 1500 mg, and finally 3500 mg. Different products come at different prices that mostly depend on the concentration of CBD in the product.

The price of greens roads CBD oils ranges from 26.99 dollars to 420 dollars. The one costs 420 dollars, being the one with the highest concentration of the CBD content. The greens roads CBD oil products have a natural taste, but if you prefer the ones infused with terpenes and CBD, of having more flavor options. All of their products include the hemp seed oil, which has high concentrations of fatty acids, which are very important to our bodies.

CBD gummies.

The CBD gummies from greens roads are very popular, and they come in two potency options. To go for a 30 or 40 count bottle, and each gummy of theirs contains about 10 mg of CBD. However, their CBD froggies have a higher concentration of CBD, ranging from 25 mg to 50 mg. Their gummies have a price that ranges from 4.99 dollars to around 60 dollars. There are a lot of options to choose from, and their CBD froggies are amazing.

CBD creams.

It has two different topicals whereby one targets relieving pain while the other one is more of easing any skin irritation you might be having. Their CBD pain creams come in two potency options. You can go for 150 mg or 300 mg. They also have a skin relief cream that comes with a concentration of 200 mg. The price of their creams ranges from 39.99 to 60.99 dollars.  The cream for pain includes some menthol to ensure that you will get a cooling sensation and their CBD cream for skin contains vitamin E for your skin nourishing.

greens roads
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CBD daily dose.

The greens roads daily dose comes with potency options of 7 mg per milliliter and 23 mg, 33 mg and 50 mg per milliliter for their original formula. The price ranges from 6.99 dollars and 11.99 dollars. The 7 mg daily dose comes in 3 different flavors so of going for pineapple, blueberry or strawberry flavor.


  • Greens road has the source of their CBD from hemp plants grown and manufactured in the USA through the CO2 extraction process, the best and safest method of CBD extraction.
  • You can opt for a natural taste of hemp, but if that does not entice you, you can definitely go for other options that have flavors. They ensure satisfaction for every customer by offering a wide variety of products that different users can use that.
  • Their website is very user-friendly, so of navigating easily and finding the product you are looking for hassle-free.
  • Offers free shipping for the residents within the USA as long as the orders are 100 dollars or above.
  • Offers military discounts and they also offer coupon options.
  • Fast response from their customer care.


  • They have not posted the hemp sources on their website, but the customer service will answer you that question might you want to know.
  • There is limited information about the leadership in the company.

Stratagems you need to ponder while buying

Always be clinched and read product descriptions and label rather than regretting it later and finding out that you cite the wrong one. Above anything else, we’re known to provide the best CBD products.


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