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The CBD market has expanded, and there are hundreds of companies that are manufacturing these products and getting the right one will require you to do some research. But it can even be confusing where to start. We hope our review for Receptra naturals CBD is going to help you and probably you might like it and go for it. Receptra naturals CBD offers a moderate selection of the full spectrum as well as CBD isolates (THC free) products ranging from tinctures to pet oils. Their products are suitable for different functions like relieving pain and improving moods, among other features.


Company overview.

Receptra naturals CBD is based in Colorado, and they partner with local farms where they get the hemp to extract the CBD. Receptra naturals also have an office in the United Kingdom more specifically in Manchester in England.

The company engages in various philanthropic efforts through a program they developed. For example, back in 2019, they partnered with trees for the future. The company is dedicated to offering a tree for every order that is placed through their website. Receptra naturals have a goal of planting more than 25, 000 trees by the end of 2019! The company has also partnered with mission k9 and boarding for breast cancer.

We also dedicate the company to educating its clients more about CBD, and they maintain a blog that is very active, and from time to time they post CBD industry news and recipes among other useful information important to our day-to-day lives.


CBD Source and quality.

As we already highlighted, ReceptraNaturals CBD gets its hemp from the local farms that they have partnered with. Growing the hemp is strictly supervised to ensure that they grow organically the hemp, and according to them, the CBD extracted from the hemp plants is 100 percent organic. Instead of the farmers using pesticides to get rid of pests, they use natural methods like the use of ladybugs. They make sure that they use no chemicals during the whole process.

For harvesting the hemp, Receptranaturals make sure it is hand shucked by the farmers who carefully separate the flowers from the rest of the plants. The reason for this is that the flower is the one that contains the highest concentration of CBD. And the reason for ensuring that the hemp is hand shucked is because the use of machines might cause the unnecessary plant strain which results in a strong and a not so cool flavor and high chlorophyll content.

The hemp is then sun-dried before it undergoes the cold extraction ethanol process to come up with the CBD oil. They use this to process some food products like the sweet vanilla. The sun-dried hemp flowers are mixed with ethanol, and once the ethanol evaporates, the only thing that remains is the oil. After they extract the CBD, it is not directly, and both tests it in the house and third-party labs to ensure it is of the highest quality and is ready for use.


Receptra naturals CBD offers a variety of CBD products, and the following information is going to give you an insight into what you should expect.

The products from Receptra naturals CBD are full spectrum meaning they contain cbd as well as other helpful cannabinoids and lower levels of THC but don’t panic because it is too low mostly below 0.3 percent, so it is not going to make you high. However, there is an exception, and there are topicals and tinctures that are THC free and contains just cbd.

Receptra naturals CBD products contain terpenes that are associated with the improvement of brain health, digestive and immune system health. The tinctures expire after 18 months from production so it will be looking at the expiry date before you start using one. The topicals, on the other hand, they expire after six months.

  • CBD Oil.

The cbd oil from Receptra naturals CBD comes with three potency strengths that are 750 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg. The oils blend natural products, and they are perfect for those who need the use of CBD daily and those who depend on it for their day to day activities. The entry price level is 74.95 dollars.

  • CBD topicals.

The cbd topicals from Receptra naturals CBD comes in two different strengths, 400 mg and 800 mg of active cannabinoids. They are designed to target the areas in your body that are irritated and helps speed up the recovery speed as well as minimize inflammation and soothe your skin. The entry price level is 39.95 dollars.

  • CBD lip balm.

The lip balm only contains 15 mg of active cannabinoids, and it goes for around 5.95 dollars.

  • Pet oil.

The pet oil has an entry-level price of about 24.95 dollars and comes with three different strengths. 250m mg, 500 mg, and 750 mg. The pet oil is easily digestible and has a variety of benefits for your pets.



  • They offer both full-spectrum and THC free products, so it is a matter of choosing which one you prefer.
  • The get the hemp from organically grown hemp plants grown in American soil.
  • The products undergo third-party testing to ensure that they are of the highest quality.
  • The products from Receptra naturals CBD comes in both flavored and unflavored taste. So if you don’t like the earthy taste of the hemp oil, you can go for the flavored ones.
  • Free shipping and there is a good discount for the military.
  • 30-day money-back return guarantee.


  • The lab results are not very transparent on that the products contain MCT oil.
  • The pet oils contain THC, which can be a problem for some pets.
  • Limited information about the leadership of the company.

Payment method.

Not provided.

Things You Should Know When Buying CBD Oil

The only reason why CBD is the first choice of many people when treating certain ailments is that it’s natural. Though some pharmacies and medical centers may claim to provide original CBD products, it is recommended to buy it only from trusted sources.

This is because processed, pre-heated, or modified CBD will just make your pain worse. Above anything else, we’re known to provide the best CBD products.


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