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CBD Oil reviews. When it comes to quality and affordability, CBDistillery boasts of being one of the best company to provide you with CBD products. They offer a wide variety of these products from the THC free products to the full-spectrum products, and all of them come at a very affordable price. You will be sure to find the CBD gummies, tinctures, vapes, topicals and CBD for pets. Their products are available in different concentrations, making them perfect for all users depending on the health conditions or dosage needs of the user. CBD Oil reviews

CBDistillery company history.

CBDistillerywas founded in Colorado, and it has the mission of providing all its customers with high-quality CBD products at an affordable price. From the customer reviews on the internet, we can say they have been able to meet their goals as we consider their products the best CBD product and which are very affordable.

The CBDistilleryCompany advocated for the normalization of this industry of cannabis and educated the people about the health benefits of hemp and marijuana. US Hemp Roundtable member, which is a coalition that advocates for the legalization of hemp and its products. It is also a member of the National Hemp Association, which is a trade association dedicated to teaching about hemp and focuses on business development of the hemp industry and advocating for legislative reforms.

Back in 2015, they launched the company, but it has exploded as of now it has about 1500 local retailers and not forgetting its sizeable online store where most people buy the CBDistillery products.

CBD source and quality.

Reading this CBD Oil reviews, we can find that CBDistillery has the source of its CBD from pesticide-free and non- GMO hemp grown in Colorado. Yes, they use organic farming practices, but their hemp may not be 100 percent organic. CBDistillery uses the most expensive method of extracting CBD that uses CO2. They consider the method the safest and most efficient method of extracting CBD without chlorophyll or toxic residue and one that has a high concentration of CBD products.

They certified all products by the U. S Hemp authority meaning that CBDistillery meets all the standards required from farming, extracting, and manufacturing of the products. Before they sell the products, it tests them in a lab to ensure they are of the highest quality. They usually display the lab results after the analysis on their website for all to see.

CBDistillery product specifications.

CBDistillery is one of the largest CBD companies in the world and they sell products practically anyone can use that. The products come in both THC free and full spectrum. You can also purchase the CBDistillery branded products that include dog bandana, koozie or CBD, and chill.  The following are some specifications for their products.

Full-spectrum Tinctures.

  • 5000 mg (30 ml) costs 0.05 dollars per milligram.
  • The 2500mg (30 ml) costs 0.06 dollars per milligram.
  • 1000 mg (30 ml) costs 0.07 dollars per milligram.
  • 500 mg (30 ml) goes for 0.09 dollars per milligram.
  • 250 mg (30ml) goes for 0.08 dollars per milligram.

THC- free tinctures.

  • 5000 mg (30 ml) costs 0.04 dollars per milligram.
  • 2500mg (30 ml) costs 0.05 dollars per milligram.
  • 1000 mg (30 ml) costs 0.07 dollars per milligram.
  • 500 mg (30 ml) costs 0.08 dollars per milligram.
  • 250 mg (30ml) costs dollars per milligram.

The CBDistillery sells its oil tincture that has five strengths that range from 250 mg to 5000 mg. The tinctures come in one size of 30 ml bottle, which makes it very easy to compare the dosing. The full spectrum tinctures contain high amounts of CBD as well as other cannabinoids that are important to your body. The full spectrum tinctures will also contain small amounts of THC, which is mostly less than 0.03 percent an amount that is legally allowed.

But for those who prefer products without any amounts of THC, can go for the pure CBD, THC free oil tinctures. Just like the full spectrum products, they all come in 30 ml bottles with five strengths. The CBDistillery products are natural with no added flavors or ingredients so they will have that natural taste of hemp.

CBD gummies

If you don’t like the natural taste of hemp, you can go for something sweeter, that is, the CBD gummies. Some of the gummies can be taken before bed as they promote sleep. They contain 30 mg of CBD, and they are fully packed with a natural vegan ingredient that promotes a fruity flavor.

CBD capsules

There are also CBD capsules that are available that include pills and soft gels. They are available in 60 and 30 mg count bottles. The capsules also come in both THC free and full spectrum.  CBDistillery also manufactures CBD topical, which includes cream, lip balm, and salve. The topical salve for pain that contains more than 500 mg of CBD is added some natural ingredients for a soothing effect, and they have a beautiful scent too.

In these CBD Oil reviews, we can find that CBDistillery also manufactures CBD vape oils for those seeking fast-acting relief which contains 200 mg of CBD and other flavorings. CBD isolates and CBD for pets are also available. Basically, CBDistillery offers all types of CBD, and you can be sure to go for the one that suits you.


  • The CBDistillery products are actually very affordable.
  • The products from CBDistillery are lab tested before they are sold, and they are verified by the US Hemp authority.
  • The product is available in over 1500 stores by a local retailer, and you can be sure of buying one from their online store if there is no local retailer around you selling the products.
  • It offers a variety of products.


  • No flavored tinctures available in the market currently so if you don’t like the hemp taste you might find it very difficult.
  • Some of their products contain MCT oil, which might be a problem for the people allergic to coconuts.

Things You Should Know When Buying CBD Oil

The only reason why CBD is the first choice of many people when treating certain ailments is that it’s natural. Though some pharmacies and medical centers may claim to provide original CBD products, it is recommended to buy it only from trusted sources.

This is because processed, pre-heated, or modified CBD will just make your pain worse. Above anything else, we’re known to provide the best CBD products.


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