THC vs CBD or Cannabis vs Hemp. With a lot of information about CBD, marijuana, and hemp plants and the products being spread, some of which might be false, there is a lot of confusion. In this article, we intend to lighten you up about everything you need to know about this confusing niche. There are many differences between where the CBD is derived. The most basic one is that the hemp plant is legal in most states. While the cannabis plant (marijuana) is illegal in most countries and most states in the United States of America. We will treat you with some understanding of cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. Then we will dive into the difference between these sources of the useful and essential CBD compound. Sit down and relax as we take you through this journey.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is an herbaceous plant that has two primary classifications, and that is Sativa and Indica. Both marijuana and hemp belong to the cannabis genus. However, the hemp plant belongs to the species Cannabis Sativa species. Whereas the marijuana plant can belong to either the species indica or sativa. Since both the hemp and marijuana belong to the same genus, they share some common traits. But the fact remains that they are different things. Keep reading, and you will understand the difference between THC vs CBD (Cannabis vs Hemp).


What is Hemp?

Hemp is a plant that has been grown for a thousand years for different purposes. The hemp plant can grow wildly, and they can also grow it in plantations for medicinal purposes. The hemp plant can grow sturdy tall up to 4 meters, and they cultivated mostly outdoors.

Different parts of the plant have many benefits to the body, and it is harvested commercially for its stalk, flowers, and seeds. They use the seeds from the plant in cosmetics. Also, they can use it in food because of fiber, proteins, and other useful minerals. The stalk of the plant have a usage in the textile industry and also for making paper. They harvested the flowers of the hemp plants because of their CBD content, which has lots of benefits to the body, including relieving pain.

The content of the CBD in the hemp plant differs significantly from the CBD content in a marijuana plant. The hemp plant usually has a higher concentration of the Cannabidiol (CBD) as compared to the marijuana plant. The good thing about the hemp plant is that it contains way lesser amounts of the psychoactive compound known as THC compared to the marijuana plant.

The hemp plant contains less than 0.3 percent of the content type, whereas the marijuana contains over 0.3 percent, and hence the reason it makes people high. They lifted the ban on the hemp plant back in 2018, and as of now, it is legal unlike its counterpart the marijuana. It has grown organically and manufactured to make CBD products for sale to the public.

cannabis vs hemp

What is Marijuana? 

They also use marijuana as a cannabis plant for its psychoactive properties, but it has some other features like the euphoric and relaxing properties. The flowers of the marijuana plant also contain the CBD, although it is not in high concentration as it is in the hemp plant.

Cultivators breed cannabis to have a high THC content, and that’s why the content of the THC in marijuana is much higher than compared to the hemp plant and can contain as much as 30 percent of the THC content. It is no wonder that it makes a person high. We do not recognize such marijuana for medical, and it is illegal in most countries of the world.

However, if CBD, they extract from the marijuana plant does not differ from the hemp plant extracted CBD. Some people think the CBD from the marijuana plant differs from the one that comes from the hemp plant, but the fact is there is no difference between the two.

cannabis vs hemp

Is Cannabidiol from cannabis better than CBD from hemp?

CBD is CBD, and it does not matter the source, but not all they create the CBD equal. On the molecular level, the CBD is usually the same regardless of whether we find it in low THC or high THC cannabis plants. However, there are often some differences between the CBD products depending on the source. In the next section, we discuss Cannabis vs Hemp and their differences as sources of CBD.


What is the difference between hemp and cannabis (THC vs CBD)?

Most of the CBD products in the market right now are full-spectrum. Meaning that they contain both the CBD and other cannabinoids compounds. The main difference between the CBD products from the hemp plant and the CBD from the marijuana plant usually is the ratio between the THC and the CBD.

The oil derived from the hemp plant usually contain more CBD and less THC (typically less than 0.3 percent). Which is a good thing because marijuana still contains high concentrations of CBD. But the THC levels are higher, and it can be between 5 to 30 percent. Enough to make you high.

Another difference is the fact that oil from the hemp plant is legal, whereas the one from the marijuana plants is practically illegal. The hemp products do not have any intoxicating effect on the user, but we cannot say the same thing for the ones from the marijuana plant.


Why choose CBD from hemp over cannabis? (THC vs CBD)

The body does not care about the source of the CBD but to be on the safe side, go for products from hemp plants since they are legal and do not have any intoxicating effects on the user. Also, hemp will have high CBD potency


The legal status of hemp

The hemp plant has been capable of providing beneficial factors for humanity for thousands of years. But an easy comparison is that just 50 or 60 years ago, it was not illegal to smoke in public places, which are currently prohibited. This means that the law graduate level of itself for the betterment of mankind and the peace of the city. Hemp products to process possibility for considering as illegal under the statutory laws of the state. In such types of cases, they are often seen that hemp product or also known as the CBD is entirely legal in most of the country. As it is already said that the main factor behind the decision of a CBD item to be legal or not depends on the overall ratio of THC into the product itself.

The legalization factor of CBD provides that the total contamination of THC into the CBD product cannot cross the limit of 0.3%, which is strict to be maintained. In most of the cases, there is CBD oil that has pain under the legal limit. So it is pretty much safe to say that any country that permits the uses of CBD is going to have 99% of all the legal products. But there is also the situation when it is wiser to have a little study conducted over the legal status of the state so that under any circumstances, a person is not under the harm’s way by being a subject towards any punishable offense under the statutory law. CBD hemp is capable of numerous amounts of beneficial factors over humanity, and also it is competent of being beneficiary towards a lot of people for several problems.

The legal status of Cannabis

Cannabis is also referred to as marijuana in 90% of the time. So basically, the legal status of Cannabis largely depends upon the legal status of marijuana into a state. Any person who is willing to have conduction of the consumption of Cannabis is necessary for him or her to know about the territory laws about what they say and what they approve about Cannabis products. Even though several states have declared Cannabis or marijuana as a legal product. In most of the states, it is seen that the uses of marijuana a strictly illegal. Also, it is considered as one of the significant punishable offenses under the drug control rules.

It is strictly recommended to have the proper consideration before purchasing such type of product for the contents of Cannabidiol. With a standard comparison of THC vs CBD (Cannabis vs Hemp) for the materials of Cannabidiol. A person should consider purchasing health products or CBD products for the betterment of his purpose. And also, CBD is considered legal in most of the states, which helps with the tension-free purchase of the product. Have the proper consideration before any investment of such products.

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