Exploring the Benefits of CBD Tea and How to Make It

Before we get into CBD infused Teabags benefits, let us talk about CBD. If you are a regular user of CBD oil, you must know how bitter and earthly it tastes. Not everyone likes the natural taste of CBD oil. Some consumers even find it off-putting. However, the feeling of essential oils makes it bearable to swallow it.

When CBD has potential benefits, you must not feel like it’s a chore to take it consistently.

Since the evolution in the CBD industry, CBD users are lucky to choose from a wide variety of options. CBD chocolate or  CBD edibles have become popular as it is the most delicious way to take CBD. It becomes easy to consume CBD when it tastes good. Also, CBD water and a lot of CBD drinks are very popular too.

While CBD gummies have taken over the CBD edible market by storm, CBD tea is also making its way in. The market has seen an incredible increase in the beverage options, including many flavors of CBD tea.

If you are a tea lover, keep moving forward. This article explains everything about CBD tea and how you should make it to your liking.

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What Is CBD Tea?

CBD tea is exactly what you can think of right now. Tea infused with extracts of CBD. The CBD markets target athletes or health and fitness enthusiasts. It is common for the tea lover to find the health properties of many ingredients that get infused with the tea, such as the chamomile. However, more and more tea manufacturers are coming forward with hemp-infused tea- that is, the CBD tea.

If you do not like the traditional tea, you can even boil the hemp leaves to make a robust earthly brew. The industrial hemp has cannabinoids that we can add to any drink, including the tea. But the CBD tea manufacturers infuse hemp as well as additional cannabinoids in the tea bags. This increases the potential benefits of CBD tea bags.

Apart from CBD tea bags, tea lovers can also buy CBD loose leaf tea. However, it is similar to hemp tea. As hemp tea has a bitter and earthly taste, it is very off-putting in taste for some. However, you can maintain its flavor, and you can add massive amounts of sweeteners.

It has become incredibly more comfortable to buy CBD tea online, as many platforms are providing varieties. However, you won’t find mixed tea, such as CBD lavender tea, prevalent. However, you can make it very quickly using a few ingredients right at your home.

We will plainly explain how to make the best CBD tea at home later in this article. For now, keep reading to know the potential benefits of CBD tea.

Is CBD Tea Good for You?

If you are frequent use of CBD, you must know its promising benefits. But if you do not, we recommend you to search the compound and overview its properties.

Cannabidiol, short for CBD is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant. It does not cause a high effect in humans as the THC does. So, its non-intoxicating and is entirely harmless to us people.

According to the World Health Organization, CBD is listed as well-tolerated by humans as well as non-toxic. The organization indicates that the compound has no adverse effects on a person’s body.

But CBD’s users increased when few anecdotal research studies were released, explaining the potential health benefits of the compound.

However, much of this research is not backed up by scientific evidence. So, up till now, we can only assume its benefits. The compound, as a whole, is understudied. Thus, the precise benefits of CBD are yet to be known.

However, scientists know a little about this compound and how it reacts with our endocannabinoid system to alleviate pain, anxiety, and stress.

Positive Effects of CBD

It could have many positive effects on the body, and here’s how:

The human body has an endocannabinoid system that keeps it balanced. To be more precise, it keeps our homeostasis maintained. Our endocannabinoid system is intricately connected with a wide range of biological functions in our body. Like the sleeping pattern, mood, immune system, etc.

The CBD works through compounds known as endocannabinoids. Scientists have little proof that CBD can stimulate the production of endocannabinoids in the body and help the endocannabinoid system to work well.

In general, it maintains the body’s ECS to preserve a healthy lifestyle. Other than that, you can also benefit from the benefits of tea.

CBD tea is suitable for many reasons. To start with, it carries all the properties and benefits of cannabidiol. If you plan to take the CBD tea daily, as a food supplement, it will not only improve your health but will cleanse your body organs as well.

Various tea blends have different benefits. For example, if you choose green tea, it can be useful to speed up your metabolism because it has a lot of antioxidants. So, depending on what you want, you will have to research a bit on the internet.

Why Are CBD And Tea A Good Combination?

Combining CBD and tea seems to be an excellent idea. It is like providing your body with two natural healthy compounds at once.

How to Make CBD Tea at Home?

Even though you can buy CBD tea bags or from a variety of CBD loose leaf tea, you can make it at your home too. By using a few ingredients, you can make the perfect blended tea of your choice. All you need to be sure about is that the parts you are using are right for you.

Choose the CBD Product First

Even though CBD oil is the most popular in the market, we do not recommend to infuse it with tea. It can leave an earthly taste of the hemp. This is not ideal for many tea lovers.

Generally, CBD oil does not mix with water, even if its hot boiling water. So, unless you have an English breakfast with milk tea, the CBD oil will not assimilate with the tea.

Unluckily, cannabinoids are hydrophobic. So, even if you buy a CBD isolate powder, it would not mix with the water unless there’s a fatty substance like cream of milk present in the water.

The best option for making a CBD tea is to try water-soluble CBD. A liposome is an example of a water-soluble CBD. They are readily available online and perfect for adding into beverages. However, they can be expensive. But if you are not up for buying pricey water-soluble CBD, you can always add cream or milk to your tea.

CBD teaChoose the Right Tea

If you are a tea lover, you should add the CBD to your favorite blend. If you do not have an ideal tea blend, you can look on the internet and find the combination with most benefits. The type of tea you are likely to choose depends merely on your taste unless you are looking for profits.

For instance, floral teas like lavender tea can help restore the sleeping patterns. Similarly, green teas are perfect for those trying to shed a few pounds.

Before deciding, it is worth doing some tea research on the internet as per your taste or goals.

How to Make CBD Tea at Home

You can follow this simple recipe to make the best CBD tea at home. All you need is:

  • Tea of your choice
  • Full-fat milk (for example, hemp, dairy or coconut milk)
  • CBD product
  • Water
  • Sweetener (optional)

Instructions/Method to Make CBD Tea

  • Use a saucepan or a kettle to boil the water.
  • Brew your favorite tea as per the instructions on the packet. If you are using loose-leaf tea, it will take an infuser to brew it.
  • After that, mix the CBD product, such as the CBD oil with milk in a separate container. The amount of CBD depends on the daily dosage you take.
  • Finally, add the CBD and milk mixture into the tea and stir well. If you are using CBD oil, there’s a high chance that it will stay above water or would not dissolve with it. But keep on stirring. It will assimilate.
  • Add sweetener as per your liking.

Now, wait for the tea to cool down and enjoy!


Does CBD Tea Contain THC?

THC is a hemp-sourced psychoactive compound known for its high effect. As long as you are using a CBD product with less than 0.3% of THC, it will not get you high. This percentile is also in compliance with the legal limit in the United States. So, its safe to stay that you would not be drinking any illegal beverage.

Final Words

CBD tea is yet another great way to consume cannabidiol and enjoy its potential benefits. If you like drinking tea regularly, you can add CBD and enjoy CBD-infused tea to improve your lifestyle.

Whether you decide to make your own CBD tea or buy tea bags from an online seller, it is always fun to consume CBD through a beverage. So, when are you going to try your first ever CBD-infused tea?


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