What Are CBD Drinks? How Do They Benefit Us?

Before we talk about CBD Drinks, let us have a few words about CBD benefits. Many people view CBD as a beneficial natural remedy to alleviate pain, anxiety, and symptoms of other chronic diseases. That is why they do not hesitate to explore various ways to incorporate CBD into products that they use in their daily regime.

CBD drinks have become very popular and are gaining consumers in the market. In the past, you were able to purchase only at specific stores and markets, but now, CBD-infused beverages can be found everywhere- even in traditional grocery stores and eateries.

Even though the term ‘CBD beverage’ covers a wide variety of CBD products but mostly, a CBD drink fits perfectly within this category. To date, there are various kinds of CBD beverages such as CBD coffee, CBD tea, CBD carbon drinks, CBD energy drinks, etc.


Sublingual Usage Vs. Drinking CBD

As we have discussed earlier, there are many ways to consume CBD. Compared to sublingual methods of consuming CBD, the consumption of CBD beverages seems more productive and successful.

Sublingual CBD ingestion involves putting a CBD pill or CBD oil drops directly under the tongue. While sublingual consumption has its potential benefits, there are some considerations as well.

Sublingual consumption is useful because it skips the part where you digest the CBD. Instead, the user feels its impact on the body within 20 minutes after use.

Drinking CBD is an entirely different experience. You need to digest the CBD beverage, and the process is much longer than the bilingual usage method. While the impact of CBD beverages usually takes a longer time, its effects stay longer than sublingual methods.

One of the key benefits of CBD drinks is that they are versatile. Unlike sublingual and other methods to consume CBD, CBD drinks come in a variety of flavors. This quality allows the consumer to take pleasure in taking CBD with regularity.

How Are CBD Drinks Made?

Making a CBD beverage is not as simple as incorporating CBD into water. The CBD-infused drink has an in-depth manufacturing process.

Traditional CBD, that’s mostly found in other products is derived in the form of oil. As the beverage has water, it prevents the oil from forming a smooth mixture. This chemical dilemma has to be distributed out. This requires manufacturers to produce water-soluble CBD.

They make Water-soluble CBD using a process commonly known as nanotechnology. Nanotechnology uses soundwaves to break CBD into microparticles. As particles become smaller, their properties change and make CBD water-soluble.

Moreover, the smaller the particles are, the more quickly they can travel through the bloodstream. Water-soluble CBD is absorbed at a higher rate, while CBD oil takes time to show its effects.

Nanotechnology is not only used in breaking down CBD but is also used to mix CBD into Drinks. The original form of CBD is that the oil is modified to increase its solvency. Find more here if you can mix CBD oil with alcohol.

Types of CBD Drinks

Now that scientists have found various ways to break down CBD oil and transform it into CBD-isolate for better solvency. You can add CBD to any beverage. That’s why the choices and possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a CBD-infused drink, you might want to look at the following categories:

  • CBD water.
  • Energy drinks.
  • Powdered CBD mixes.
  • CBD cocktails.

While taking each of these drinks provides the same benefits to the users, they have their qualities. So, you should consider multiple aspects of a product before choosing what’s best for you.


CBD Water

CBD water is, no doubt, one of the most popular drinks in the CBD market. It is made by infusing CBD isolate into the water. More and more consumers are going for CBD water. But its concept has become somewhat controversial.

Content in CBD Water

The main concern that arises with CBD water is its contents. Even though the dosage varies from person to person, the daily requirement of CBD for an average consumer is not less than 15 mg per day. But CBD water provides only 2 to 5 mg per day. A typical 500 ml water bottle contains less than 10 mg of CBD. Moreover, the price is as much as 5 dollars per water bottle. So, you can say its an expensive way as well.

A reference to nanotechnology can explain the theory of less CBD concentration in CBD water. Nanotechnology changes the qualities of CBD and the size of particles as well. The smaller the particles, the more they will react to oxygen and plastic material. But there is not much evidence to support these claims.

A study was conducted in 2015, explaining that lipid-based CBD is absorbed better by a human body.


Though CBD has promising benefits, it is a highly unstable compound. Thus, it requires a certain amount of stability, careful storage, and preparation to ensure that they preserve the CBD’s medical benefits. Storage options for CBD water are limited. CBD water bottles are expos to sunlight and heat in grocery stores. As CBD is vulnerable to heat and light exposure, most of its benefits from cannabinoids are lost. So, CBD water should be in dark sealed containers to keep its benefits preserved.


CBD water is a quite expensive method when it comes to cost calculation. A 500 ml CBD-infused water bottle costs between 4 to 7 dollars. However, buying CBD water in bulk will reduce the cost of each bottle significantly.

CBD Energy Drinks

Every day, new methods are emerging to consume CBD. The possibilities are endless, but it does not matter because most of the consumers stick to what best works for them. But many consumers have an exploring nature. Thus, they all took advantage of CBD-infused energy drinks.

CBD is a compound known for enhancing energy. With this concept, the manufacturers produced CBD energy drinks, which appeared as a natural progression.

While other CBD methods involve controversial ingredients like guarana, CBD-infused energy drinks do not contain these ingredients.

Energy drinks are natural beverages. Most brands even claim to have zero fat, sugar, and preservatives in their drinks. Generally, CBD-infused energy drinks contain about 80 to 130 mg of caffeine per bottle. This is an average amount found, also found in a single cup of coffee.

Even though they make energy drinks with fewer ingredients, they are considerations that consumers must note. Also though these CBD energy drinks are useful, over-taking these drinks could cause adverse effects.

Powdered Drinks Mixes

Powdered mix still did not replace the protein powder, but powered combinations incorporated with CBD are on the rise and have become extremely popular among the users. Dissolvable CBD is one of the most versatile and unique products available for CBD consumers.

A primary complaint when taking CBD is the bad taste that comes after making it through drinks or any other sublingual method. Dissolvable cannabinoids minimize this concern. It is mixed with a variety of different ingredients so that it could be a viable solution for all consumers.

How Are Powdered Mixes Made?

There are multiple processes involved In making a CBD-infused powdered mix. However, some methods could still be a little difficult to carry out, given the non-soluble nature of CBD.

The CBD must undergo the process of emulsification. This process involves taking a semi-liquid mixture and modifying it with activated distillate. This step allows CBD particles to become water-soluble.

The next step is to dry up the slurry mixture to remove excess moisture. The critical consideration is to evaporate the excess moisture by leaving it for a few days. Even though each manufacturer carries out this process differently, most of them opt to use vacuum ovens to produce an excellent powdery mixture.

Once they complete the process, the powdered mix is divided into appropriate doses to be bottled. Most of the manufacturers also add flavors for the ease of CBD consumers.

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CBD Cocktails

At first, the thought of mixing CBD with cocktails might seem a little unwise. Since CBD has less than 0.3% of THC, it is significantly safe to combine CBD with cocktails. You won’t get a high effect after drinking a CBD-infused cocktail.

In general, CBD-infused cocktails are a great way to experience the mild relaxation effects of CBD. Most of the people out there consume cocktails to relax and unwind. Fortunately, CBD increases the relaxation effects of the cocktail. That is why CBD and cocktail make the perfect combination one could ask for on a Saturday night.

Bartenders and club owners have been innovative and experimental when it comes to including CBD into cocktails. From adding margaritas to cosmopolitans, there are endless possibilities of what we can create. However, we need to take a few restrictions into account.

The effects of CBD vary from person to person. However, it is good to be aware of any possibility that might arise while drinking CBD-infused cocktails. It is always good to start with a small dosage of CBD in a cocktail and work your way up. Those who consume CBD-infused cocktails must avoid driving a motor unless they are sure that they are sane and can operate without risking theirs or others’ lives.


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