Will CBD Oil Show Up On A Drug Test??

The research that scientists have done so far is not enough to give a definite answer to CBD lovers about CBD Oil show up on a drug test. There are millions of CBD oil consumers. Yet, scientists are not able to provide definite ‘no’ or ‘yes’ solution on whether it will show up on drug tests or not.

Hemp has a big industry with many aspects. The issue of drug screening or drug testing of CBD oil is as complicated as understanding the hemp industry. Even with the best research, scientists can only say ‘maybe’ or ‘probably not.

But what complicated this research? Well, many factors influence the result of the CBD oil drug test. Two critical factors are:

Some CBD oil products have traces of THC, a cannabinoid that leaves the ‘stoned’ effect. This type of CBD oil is known as full-spectrum hemp extracts.

The human body might convert CBD into THC, and it might appear on the CBD oil drug test. However, the risk is to get a positive result for THC presence is very low. But it still won’t harm you to research about the CBD oil before integrating it into your daily routine.

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Will CBD Oil Show Up on A Drug Test?

Parents, medical officers, employers, and parole officers who administer the in-take of drugs focus mainly on one thing, compounds that cause impairment.

According to the World Health Organization, CBD does not cause a high effect. In simpler words, it does not cause mental and physical impairment in the consumer.

The people who administer drugs do not bother looking for such cannabinoids. So, you are not at risk of getting back a positive result for the CBD oil drug test. This concludes the question will CBD oil show up on a drug test.

What Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Looks For?

The drug testing authority says that these are some of the chemicals that they look for during drug screening:

When the authority says marijuana, it means one cannabinoid, that is THC. THC is the most prevalent cannabinoid that is associated with having a high effect on the consumer. It is known for having the inebriating effects of marijuana. We extract CBD oil from hemp plants would not get you high for sure.

There is not only one type of CBD oil drug test. Several other drug screening tests look for more chemicals. For example, a 10-panel test can also detect the following substances:

  • Methaqualone or Quaaludes.
  • Barbiturates or Butisol, Seconal, and Amytal.
  • Benzodiazepines or Xanax, Valium, and Atvian.
  • Methadone (a narcotic drug used to treat heroin addiction)
  • Propoxyphene (a narcotic drug that alleviates chronic pain)

Even though the authorities do not check for CBD, they can still command the laboratories and companies to develop test sensitive to CBD oil. But as we look at the current situation, no one bats an eye on whether people use CBD oil or not. It is improbable that drug law enforcement officers will take it as a concern.

How Long Does CBD Oil Stay in Your Body?

As we have told earlier, all CBD-related research is not backed by substantial evidence. That is why its rather hard to say how long CBD oil will stay in a human’s body. However, some findings show that CBD can persist in the body for about one week.

Scientists do know about THC a lot. To your interest, it depends on how frequently you consume THC. The consumers who take it irregularly, their bodies can eliminate THC within a couple of days. However, the consumers who take is regularly, and their bodies can remove traces of THC within a month or longer.

It won’t be right to forget that your hair keeps track of all the chemicals you ingest.  Even though a urine sample would not be able to detect THC in your body, a simple hair test could. Your hair can identify the compound even after 90 days. Even after a month of THC abstinence, a hair test could bust you.

Hair tests also hold the ability to get positive results for infrequent THC users even if the consumer has taken it once.

Can You Fail a CBD Oil Drug Test?

This particular question gets a little complicated as you dive in better into it. Some CBD oil products contain little to no THC. These products are known as broad-spectrum CBD oil for CBD isolate. Without the presence of traces of THC, you are less likely to fail a CBD oil drug test.

Full-spectrum CBD products from hemp extracts do contain little amount of THC. Legally, no store is allowed to sell CBD products which have more than 0.3% concentration of THC. Even though hemp does not produce a high effect, it does little product amount of THC that could appear in the drug test.

Therefore, if you use full-spectrum CBD products, you will find the THC compound in it.

Some US states complicate this matter more by focusing on THC concentration in CBD products. In the state of Georgia and Virginia, your CBD oil could contain 5% of THC. With this much THC, you could feel the psychoactive compound giving you a high effect.

5% of THC in your CBD oil also means that you will fail your CBD oil drug test. Cannabidiol is classified as a supplement by the FDA and it is not regulated as well. This means that companies can mislabel their products. So, it is always better to ask for third-party lab results before buying. Understanding product breakdown gets necessary in this matter.

How Can Human Body Convert CBD Into THC? – A Big Complication

Taking broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate does not confirm that you will pass a drug test. There’s another complication. That is, your body might convert CBD into THC.

Some scientists believe that some external conditions lead the body to turn CBD into THC. If these conditions occur externally, there’s a high chance that you will fail a CBD oil drug test.

However, the latest research reveals that this complicated conversion does not happen without exception. The lab conditions do not match the body conditions. Even if your body does convert CBD into THC, you will not fail a drug test unless you consume a massive amount of CBD.

Are There Ways That Could Lead Me to Fail a CBD Oil Drug Test?

CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD would not make you fail a drug screening. However, you must know that taking some CBD products puts you at risk for failing a CBD oil drug test.

Some conditions that could lead you to fail a CBD oil drug test are:

  • Consuming CBD products that have high amounts of THC.
  • Taking CBD products contaminated by THC.
  • Consuming massive amounts of CBD.

If you are a regular user, you must know what your CBD product contains. Even if you do not, buying from a reputable company is the key.

What Should You Be Careful of After Taking CBD?

CBD products put your positive result in a drug test at risk. Therefore, there are some pitfalls that you need to be careful of. You must know some ways to lower your risk. Anyone taking CBD to treat anxiety or to alleviate chronic pain should not suffer by failing a drug test.

You can limit your risk by:

  • Researching your CBD product and going through third-party lab results. Also, make sure that they make your CBD from hemp extracts.
  • Talking to a professional and finding a top-quality CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD oil. This ensures that your CBD oil won’t have THC by more than 0.3%.
  • Questioning CBD suppliers about their products and product breakdown.

Should You Risk Using CBD Products?

Failing a drug test could lead to harmful consequences. For example, employers would refuse to hire you. Only the state of Nevada has passed a law that employers should not look at failed drug tests.

So even if you live in the state where marijuana is legal, it could still get you rejected.

Ideally speaking, hemp-derived CBD products would not let you fail a drug test. But as stated above, some might contain a high amount of THC that could lead you to fail a drug test. It all comes down to what product you use.

Most people who take CBD do not even worry about failing a drug test. The likelihood of you failing a drug test due to CBD is very low.

Benefits of CBD Oil

There are numerous potential benefits of CBD oil. Some of them include:

Finding the Best CBD Oil That Would Not Let You Fail A Drug Test

They expect the CBD industry to reach USD 20 billion at the end of 2020. This massive investment could lead to the development of high CBD products.

Some poorly-extracted CBD products can cause you to fail a drug test. So, you can avoid this by relying on CBD products manufactured by companies who know what they are doing. Psychoactive CBD product could ruin your life. Do not jeopardize your career or life by choosing a cheap CBD product.

CBD offers potential benefits, but you must not put your life at stake by failing a CBD oil drug test. But as far as we know, taking CBD won’t make you fail a drug test. So, feel free to enjoy the benefits of this compound.



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