Where to buy CBD Oil in North Carolina?

Let’s find out where you can buy CBD Oil in NC. Cannabidiol is a known natural remedy for various ailments. People from history have been using cannabidiol oil for treating multiple issues such as relief from pain, for eradicating cancer symptoms, for treating depression, anxiety, etc. Due to its benefits, it is now allowed in most parts of the USA, including North Carolina. If you do not know where to buy CBD oil in North Carolina, then you’ve come to the right place.

But before listing down reliable places, here are some benefits of CBD oil:


Benefits of CBD Oil

Places to Buy CBD Oil in North Carolina?

Here are the four places to buy CBD oil in North Carolina:


If you have trouble sleeping and have joint pain, then you must try one of their CBD oils. They have a wide variety of CBD oils with incredible customer service. They offer incredible personalized assistance. For instance, they will help you with what you need and won’t force you into buying things you did come to buy. Moreover, the owner is quite polite and welcoming. The store also has some fantastic CBD gummies and frizzies.

ADDRESS: 0124 W Catawba Ave Ste C, Cornelius, NC 28031, United States

Prime Sunshine CBD Oil and Dispensary

This store is run by a very welcoming owner who has a lot of knowledge about CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD gummies, etc. the staff working behind the desk is also courteous. They have a fantastic selection of CBD oils, reasonably priced.

The store has a prime location. You won’t find trouble finding this CBD oil and medical dispensary.

ADDRESS: 121 Greenwich Rd #106, Charlotte, NC 28211, United States

The Hemp Store

The staff of Hemp staff is quite knowledgeable and assists every customer, no matter what they need. They are very patient with their customers and answer every question that they ask. Not only do they have amazing CBD oils but CBD creams, CBD gummies, CBD bath bombs, and other CBD products. All the products are well-organized in every aisle.  The customer does not have to spend much time finding the products.

ADDRESS:   1000 Old Milburnie Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604, United States

Charlotte CBD

It has a great selection of CBD Oil products in NC, especially the CBD oils. The staff behind the desk is amicable and always there to assist you. Not only does the store has CBD products for human but pet animals as well.

There is not much space for parking.  But the interior of the store and its selection of CBD oils is worth seeing again and again.

ADDRESS:  2419 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States

500mg CBD Barrier Balm


If you are buying CBD oil for the very first time, I advise you to not go to your local dispensary or pharmacy because the staff does not have adequate knowledge to assist you. Moreover, they are also short on CBD oils. These stores have a great selection of CBD oils.

But we still cannot take a vow on these stores’ credibility. If you want to have the best organic CBD oil, then visit our online shop, and you will never be disappointed.

Where to buy CBD oil in Raleigh, NC?