Where to buy CBD Oil in Vermont?

According to Vermont state laws, it is legal to sell CBD and cannabidiol products derived from hemp in Vermont. The state of Vermont recognizes the hemp plant as a part of its agriculture, which can be grown as a crop. However, the Cannabidiol products sold in Vermont must have a low content of THC from marijuana so that the products do not have the ‘high’ effect. If your doctor has recommended you to opt for it but does not know where to buy CBD oil shops in Vermont, you have come to the right place.

This blog mentions the top places to buy CBD oils in Vermont. The primary purpose of this article is to ease your CBD shopping.

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Places to Buy CBD Oils in Vermont

Here are the top 4 places to buy CBD oils in the state of Vermont:


The location of the  CBD oils shop is inside the Berlin Mall. It has a cozy and friendly environment where you could relax while shopping. There’s no parking issue as the mall has its own parking space.

They have a great variety of CBD products. They have some unique flavors such as Turmeric, Ginger, spearmint, and salves.

The worker, Lauren, knows the chemistry about her products. She is quite knowledgeable and friendly.

Moreover, you would also find lots of aromatic devices and CBD essential oils for regular use.

If you are in the mall for shopping and want to have a quick CBD shopping session, it’s no harm to stop by here.

ADDRESS:   8 State St, Montpelier, VT 05602, United States.


The cannabis store location is at the Church Street marketplace. Their customer service is worth bragging about. The staff working behind the desk is excellent. They are full of knowledge and patience. Even if a newbie is having issues finding the best CBD oils, the helps him find the most affordable and excellent quality CBD oil that suits his needs.

Moreover, this is the only store where you can choose the oil and add whatever terpenes you like. Their products’ quality is impressive and commendable. The prices are very competitive.

If you are considering to buy from them online, do not hesitate as they have a fast delivery service.

ADDRESS: 38 1/2 Church Street, – Vending Cart, Burlington, VT 05401, United States.


Although they have slow customer service, they have a great selection of CBD products at their store. The prices are highly affordable. They have even got a separate aisle for premium CBD oils.

Other than that, they also sell hemp, potent, and flower. You would also find amazing vape devices and flavors here.  

ADDRESS:    81 N Main St, St Albans City, VT 05478, United States.


It is the US recognized Cannabis store in Burlington, Vermont. Not only do they have a fantastic selection of CBD products but also their clones. So, if you are finding a cheap alternative, buying a clone is the answer.

Moreover, their prices are very fair. The only problem with this store is that they are always out of Indica cartridges. So, if you are going here for it, do not bother at all.

ADDRESS: 1 Steele St #124, Burlington, VT 05401, United States.



Although they have some of the best quality CBD oil in Vermont, we still do not vouch for their credibility. However, it is better to stop by at one of these stores in comparison to the local dispensaries and pharmacies.

If you want premium quality organic CBD oils online, do not forget to visit our CBD oil store.

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