What does CBD stand for?

What does cbd stand for? From gummy bears to CBD chocolates, oils, and creams, CBD products are everywhere in the market. CBD products flooded in the market are not only cost-effective but boast health benefits as well. Cannabidiol is all hyped up nowadays. It is in the creams, skincare routine, pet treats, essential oils, CBD coffee, CBD drinksCBD water, and even food.

Advocates and researchers say that Cannabidiol or CBD comes from hemp, which is a type of marijuana. Not only is it helpful to alleviate pain, but it reduces the symptoms of anxiety as well. While there are tons of CBD products to buy in the market, Cannabidiol is still not approved by the food and drug Administration.

But now, hemp is legal because the legislation and rules surrounding Cannabidiol and hemp are continually changing. The Food and Drug Administration even approved the first-ever CBD-drug in the market as a cure for epilepsy.

You might be ready to consume CBD oil, but what does CBD stand for? Keep moving forward to start with the basics of CBD oil.


What Is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, an abbreviation that we use for chemical compounds or cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana.

You must be familiar with another psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, THC. But unlike this psychoactive drug, Cannabidiol does not get you stoned or produces the ‘high’ effect. Moreover, it is different from what we call ‘medical’ marijuana. However, both types are known to alleviate pain.

You must have seen a separate aisle for CBD products in every store you go to. You might also have heard about them, but do you know what does CBD stands for? How are they used, and what benefits do they provide for the sick? Keep moving forward with this post for all the questions building up in your mind, including, ‘what does CBD stand for’?

There is no doubt that CBD is gradually gaining popularity as time is going by. 14% of Americans have reported that they use CBD. 40% of them use it to alleviate pain, 11% use it to treat insomnia, and 20% use it to overcome anxiety, depression, and stress.

Since federal law has legalized hemp, every 1 in 7 Americans uses CBD-based products.

Younger Americans love to use CBD-based products because it comes without any psychoactive effects due to low THC levels.

The CBD market in the United States grew by $202 million in the year 2015. The value of CBD-based products will increase to $2.1 billion at the end of the year 2020.

What Is CBD Oil, and what does CBD stand for?

To become a user of CBD products, it is essential to be well-informed about the products to use. This post would help you understand ‘what is CBD’ and how it can be beneficial to use it in the long run.

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a Latin name derived from hemp or the cannabis plant. Over 100 compounds are present in cannabis Sativa. And, Cannabidiol is one of them without the psychoactive effects.

Now you must be pondering, ‘what are cannabinoids?’. Well, they are natural chemical compounds of hemp. CBD is one of the popular cannabinoids. You might have heard of other Cannabinoids such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBN (cannabinol), and CBC (cannabichromene).

Each cannabinoid comes with various properties. However, the high ratio of CBD to  THC, CBC, and CBN can moderate and enhance its effects on CBD-based products.

Among all the CBD-based products, CBD oil drops are the most popular product for treating and preventing various medical conditions.

What Is CBD Oil/Hemp as Compared to Marijuana?

Commonly, marijuana is the name given to a form of cannabis with THC strains. However, by botanical standards, marijuana and hemp are both considered to be a cannabis plant.

We extract CBD oil using industrial hemp. Even though marijuana also contains extracts of Cannabidiol, extracting CBD oil from industrial hemp prevents the inclusion of the psychoactive element, THC.

Moreover, it is easier for the industrialists to handle the quantity and quality of CBD oil made purely from hemp. People usually make CBD by using a whole hemp plant. That is the reason why it is called hemp oil.

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CBD Capsules 30ct THC FREE

What Is CBD Oil Made Of? – How Is CBD Oil Extracted?

The two common industrial ways to extract CBD oil is by carbon dioxide extraction and alcohol extraction.

Alcohol Extraction Method

Extraction by alcohol involves dipping or soaking the hemp plant in an alcoholic solvent, such as ethanol. The ethanol then sucks out the CBD and other cannabinoids from the plant.

Then they heat the ethanol solution to evaporate the water. As heat does not evaporate the cannabinoids, they left the industrialists with an oil-rich in cannabidiol compounds.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction Method

In the CO2 extraction method, they force a hemp plant through a chamber filled with carbon dioxide. They did the extraction using various pressures and temperatures. The change in temperature and pressure enables the carbon dioxide gas to separate cannabidiol compounds and store them in the specialized chamber compartments.

Even though both methods can extract top-notch CBD oil, some advocates say that CBD oil using CO2 methods can reduce impurity. With this, industrialists can control CBD’s ratio to THC, CBC, CBN, etc., since they capture cannabidiols in different chambers.

CBD Extracted

Is It Legal to Use CBD Oil?

Yes, it is legal to use CBD oil in many parts of the world. It is essential to understand the reasons and circumstances under which you are allowed to use CBD oil.

Now that we have answered, ‘what is CBD, and what does CBD stand for?’, let us see why the Food and Drug Administration has legalized its use in many US states.

Among the drugs listed in the schedule list of DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in the US, hemp is one of them and is mentioned as one of the controlled substances. Botanically speaking, hemp is cannabis in one way.

A 9th circuit court of Appeal by DEA passed a unanimous ruling. This ruling determined that if the natural compound does not contain THC. The scheduled list doesn’t include it. This leaves DEA with no authority to regulate the drugs that do not contain THC.

Due to this ruling, it became legal in more than 30 states of the US. However, it is always good to be mindful and thoughtful. Ordering CBD oil by international delivery could create challenged at the international borders.

Is CBD Oil A Psychoactive Element That Causes The ‘High’ Effect?

THC is a cannabidiol compound that causes a person to get high. CBD oil contains little to no THC. People make it from cannabis strains that contain no THC whatsoever.

How Does CBD Oil React to The Body?

There are a variety of receptor systems throughout the human body. We see Receptors act as locks and as small molecules, but individual molecules contain the corresponding key. These corresponding keys are responsible for attaching themselves to receptors. Hence. We are allowing them to cause a specific chemical action in the body.

Among all the body receptors, the body includes cannabinoid receptor one and cannabinoid receptor two in the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil contains cannabinoids that unlock or activate CB1 CB2 receptors by using the corresponding keys.

While CB2 receptors are abundant in the peripheral system and gastrointestinal tract, CB1 receptors are abundant in the central nervous system. One study indicated that we could find these receptors in cells in the immune system.

Even though scientists have been studying receptors for years, there is limited evidence to understand receptors’ chemical reactions with cannabinoids. But, mounting evidence backed by science is present to explain CBD oil’s benefits on the human body.

Benefits of CBD Oil – What Is CBD Oil Good For, and what does CBD stand for?

Have you wondered, what is CBD oil suitable for?’ keep moving forward to explore the exciting benefits and uses of CBD oils.

CBD Oil to Alleviate Pain

As we have already discussed, 40% of the American use hemp CBD oil to treat pain. Researchers have come up with tons of anecdotal evidence. Not only is it good for quick pain relief but speedy recovery from injuries as well.

Many people have reported using CBD oil for treating severe headaches due to migraines. They have not reported any addiction to CBD oils. People have also reported using CBD oil for managing pain caused by injuries, trauma, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia.

A study carried out in the year 2012 found out that CBD oil can suppress neuropathic and chronic inflammatory pain in rodents. The results came out even better because rodents did not develop any tolerance. It means that they don need to increase the CBD oil dosages as rodents’ bodies responded just fine till the end.

But why is CBD oil so helpful in reducing pain? Researchers have found that cannabidiol oil reacts with pain receptors in the body that cause chronic pain.

CBD Oil for Treating Anxiety And Stress

Just recently, treating stress and anxiety with CBD oil has become popular in various regions. More than 18 million people around the globe live with work stress, anxiety, and depression. According to an abundance of anecdotal reports, CBD oil has fewer side effects than pharmaceutical options. Moreover, people have reported no addiction to CBD oil so far.

But what is CBD oil doing to diminish the effects of anxiety on the human brain?

A clinical study in 2010 was brought out on several participants. All the participants suffered from social anxiety orders. At the start of the study, they record subjective tests recorded their anxiety levels. Their regional cerebral blood flow was also measured to see the test results at the end of the study.

Then they give 400 mg of CBD oil daily. Another group of participants having the same disorder were given a placebo with full protocols.

Their regional cerebral blood flow and anxiety levels were measured from time to time. At the end of the study, they find that CBD oil was responsible for regulating mood. It has improved activity in the non-limbic and limbic areas of the brain. Moreover, it reduced social anxiety’s subjective assessments.

But that is only one study that we are discussing. There are hundreds of studies proving that CBD oil is better than pharmaceutical drugs for curing anxiety.

A variety of clinical studies show that CBD’s rate reduces symptoms of PSTD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and panic disorder are remarkable. Hence, CBD oil should be a subject of more significant research studies.

CBD Oil for IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

The medical centers have been very cautious when treating IBD with any cannabis or hemp. The plant has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. But these properties always conflict with the THC properties present in cannabis strains.

As the processes of extracting CBD improved, more clinics came forward to prescribe CBD to patients suffering from IBD. Patients and numerous clinics have recorded many positive reports. People with IBD have experienced symptoms for many years. Using CBD oil has helped them to regain a high level of quality of life.

A clinical study published in the year 2012 came forward. It helped to create awareness about the treatment of IBD with CBD. They find that it reacted with the receptors beyond the ones present in the endocannabinoid system.

Anyone who knows about IBD knows that PPARG (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma) plays a significant role in fat metabolization. The improper working of these receptors could cause inflammation in the digestive system at a cellular level. CBD might interact with PPARG and reduce inflammatory effects at a cellular level.

CBD Oil for Diabetes

Many clinical studies indicate that CBD is a reliable source for treating diabetes. Researchers suggest that CBD could change the way how we treat diabetes nowadays. One research study even showed that we could treat diabetes if we use CBD  in the right way.

But it is crucial to understand the way non-cannabinoid receptors react with CBD to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes. Patients with diabetes are insulin-resistant. Insulin resistance is greatly affected by inflammation in the body. We already know that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Cbd Oil can reduce the effects of inflammation throughout the body. This is one piece of evidence that has proven to be beneficial in treating diabetes with CBD.

CBD Oil for Sleep

Millions of Americans have insomnia or lack of sleep. There are various reasons for disturbed sleeping patterns—for instance, medications, jet lag, work stress, COPD, sleep apnea, etc.

CBD oil treatment is an excellent way to fight symptoms of insomnia. It is mainly caused by emotional stress or extended anxiety periods.

But what is CBD doing or reacting within the human body to make all this possible? A study found out that a small amount of CBD oil people can use at night to alleviate anxiety. Hence, restoring the sleeping pattern. After all, what does CBD stand for?

Can Vita Hemp Oil CBD Help Me Sleep Better

What Is CBD Not Good For?

There are many conditions when the intake of CBD oil is not proper. For example, anyone suffering from a medical health condition should consult his practitioner before using CBD. CBD can also have devastating side effects if taken with other medications.

Women should avoid using CBD oil if they are breast-feeding or pregnant. Due to the CBD’s psychoactive properties, it is not recommended for pregnant women by many clinics.

What Is CBD Oil Drug Testing?

Drug testing is a standard procedure in specific industries. It is to ensure that the employee’s mental well-being is stable while working with dangerous equipment. But it is implausible to test employees for CBD as it has little to no psychoactive properties.

Overall Thoughts on What Is CBD Oil

If you consider using CBD oil to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and restoring your natural sleeping pattern, you are not alone. A lot of people prefer CBD over pharmaceutical drugs due to no side effects. The question remains, what does CBD stand for?

With each passing day, everyone is buying CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD creams, balms, and crystals to improve their well-being.

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