What is CBD isolate, and what is it used for?

  • CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol in powder or crystalline form
  • When it comes to consuming CBD isolate, it is versatile in nature. You can consume it in a variety of ways
  • During the extraction of CBD isolate, manufacturers remove all the impurities and compounds other than CBD.
  • You can dab CBD isolate on a traditional dab rig.

With the emergence of various CBD-infused products, consumers have many options to enjoy the health benefits of CBD. Take full-spectrum CBD oil, for example. Users can benefit from its therapeutic effects without intaking THC (responsible for making you high).

As it does not have the smallest trace of THC, it is not given much attention as CBD-infused lattes or edibles, but it is the most distinctive form of CBD in the market. You can reap maximum benefits as it contains 99.9% pure cannabidiol.

Hemp-derived CBD does not have any traces of THC. That is why people do not use it for recreational purposes. Instead, they use it for therapeutic benefits.

But why do consumers prefer hemp-derived CBD? It is because the federal law made it legal in all the states given it does not contain more than 0.3% of THC. The farm bill passed was the initial stage of success for the CBD market.

Numerous people decide to consume CBD but back off due to THC presence in hemp-derived CBD. However, there’s one form that they can rely on CBD isolate. If you want to enjoy the potential health benefits of cannabidiol, consuming CBD isolate is a wise choice.

It does not contain even the smallest trace of THC, leaving the CBD-isolate product pure of impurities.

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What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate, in general, is a powder form of cannabidiol. It contains 99% pure cannabidiol and does not consist of other compounds such as THC.

A traditional extraction method (carbon dioxide extraction process) eliminates all the impurities and active compounds from the cannabis plant.

The product then goes through a refinement process that removes all the active phytocannabinoids. This leaves behind nothing but the purest form of CBD to be used in products.

How does CBD isolate look like?

Generally, it depends on the extraction process. Sometimes manufacturers derive in large, solid CBD crystals. But you can also get a fine powder form like confectioner’s sugar.

People seem to hate the bitter taste of CBD, but guess what? CBD isolate is tasteless and odorless. There might be a slight cherry flavor, but only because of the residuals.

The powder might seem a little dull but don’t get deceived by its appearance. It has a lot to offer- even more than full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD.

Benefits of CBD isolate

CBD isolate does not come in neat and vibrant packaging like CBD topicals or tinctures. The appearance might be ugly, but it is very versatile when it comes to consumption. You can reap many benefits if you choose the powder form over any other conventional type of CBD.

Zero THC in CBD isolate

For beginners, it is more than enough to know that it contains nothing but pure cannabidiol. Hence, there’s nothing to worry about THC entering your system and showing up in a potential drug test.

Even though it is doubtful for THC to be present in your system by CBD isolate, it can sometimes show positively in the drug screening test. That is why you should take the right dosage.

Modes of consumption

Now that we have discussed, ‘what is CBD isolate,’ it is time to move on to consumption methods. Lucky for you, there are many inventive ways in which CBD isolate could be consumed.

You can prepare a clear-cut advantage in many ways. Crystalline powder form works in a variety of ways when it comes to consumption. You can either consume it sublingually or mix it in your food or drink.

Easer to set the right dose

It is incredibly easy, even for a beginner, to set the dosage if using CBD isolate. You do not have to account for anything (not even THC) except for CBD crystals.What is CBD isolate

When it comes to full-spectrum or broad-spectrum, setting the right dosage becomes a bit difficult as you mix cannabidiol with other ingredients and active compounds of the cannabis plant. Quantifying the exact amount of CBD is nearly impossible.

However, if you are switching from full or broad-spectrum CBD to CBD isolate, your dosage could change. That’s why consulting an expert clinician is best in this regard.

While CBD isolate might feel like it is the best form of CBD, it has its disadvantages. Isolating cannabidiol from other compounds is one con.

Research has shown that terpenes and cannabinoids form or generate an entourage effect in the system, which is responsible for boosting the outcome of each compound involved in the product.

How is CBD isolate made?

Industrial hemp undergoes various extraction methods to produce CBD isolate.  Ethanol-based and carbon dioxide extraction processes are two of the most common ways.

You can use these two processes to extract THC isolate as well, but instead of industrial hemp, it is best to use a marijuana plant.

When the extraction process occurs, they eliminate many compounds such as THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids from CBD. Even they remove the lipids, fatty acids, and other impurities to make pure CBD.

After this process, the mixture goes through the refinement process to separate the residuals and compounds from pure CBD.

The refinement process begins with an initial washing process done through an extracting hydrocarbon, acetic acid, and a mixture of hexane.

Once these chemicals solvents are combined, the next process that takes place is the winterization process.

It involves effectively removing the lipids, fat, impurities, and other compounds from CBD. In short, they eliminate all the resulting compounds using this process.

Manufacturers use Falling-film units, and rotatory devices to apply pressure and heat to eliminate the chemical solvents from pure CBD successfully.

Another separation process, known as reparative chromatography, is performed to remove the cannabinoids. Some chemicals are combined with the mixture and processed at different speeds to gain pure CBD.

Last but not least, the distillation process evaporates the left-over chemicals and gives us the purest CBD, in the form of crystals or powder.

How to use CBD isolate?

As a beginner, most of us do not know what to do with odorless and tasteless CBD powder. However, there are numerous ways to consume it. Some of the methods are:


Take the powder sublingually, put the powder directly underneath your tongue, hold it there, or squish it in your mouth for 60 seconds.

With this method, the powder readily gets dissolved in the mucous membranes and reaches the bloodstream faster. It also bypasses through the liver and digestive system to provide immediate relief from pain, anxiety, depression, etc.

Creating custom oil or topical using CBD isolate

Did you know that you can make your own CBD oil using CBD isolate? If you want to choose the DIY route, simply take CBD isolate and mix it with a carrier oil, such as olive oil or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

This way, you can enjoy the convenience of applying it while maintaining full control over the dosage.

CBD topicals and tinctures work great if you have joint or muscular pain. They immediately react when applied to the skin. If you do not trust any brand, you can make your own topical.

All you have to do is mix CBD isolate with any skin oil. After that, apply the homemade concoction to the area of your skin where you feel pain.


Mixing CBD isolates with terpenes should give you CBD concentrates as a result. You can either dab it or inhale it using a vaporizer pen.

You can convert CBD isolate into crystal slabs and dab it on a traditional oil rig for instant pain relief.


You can also measure CBD isolate and put it into capsules or pills for your convenience. This enables you to consume a perfectly measured dose.

Other than that, you can also mix it with food or a variety of liquids to make your CBD-infused drinks.

But CBD has a low bioavailability as it does not get absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. To improve the bioavailability of CBD isolate,  you can mix with carrier oils such as olive oil or MCT oil. This increases the chances of CBD permeating the gastrointestinal system and reaching the bloodstream immediately.


Buying CBD isolate

When looking for CBD isolate, do not trust every brand. Always look for reputable brands that have third-party lab results available on the web. This act will ensure that the product you are using is pure of any residuals and does not contain traces of THC. If you want to inquire about a product, better consult an expert clinician.



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