Cannabidiol is now used as a medical drug to treat various ailments such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, cancer, tuberculosis, depression, and anxiety. There is not much evidence present to prove that it is suitable for human beings, but people are using it and getting positive results. That is the reason why it is legal now in so many states of the United States. If you are looking to buy CBD oil in Columbus, OH, then here are some top places for you to buy the best organic or inorganic CBD oil.

But first, let us discuss the benefits of CBD oil that have been proven by evident scientific research.


Benefits of CBD Oil

  • It might help to reduce the cancer-related symptoms
  • CBD Oil might help patients suffering from epilepsy
  • It may reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
  • CBD Oil can also ail depression and anxiety and promotes good sleeping patterns
  • It might be used to reduce acne on the face

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Columbus, OH?

Here are some places that you can visit to buy CBD oil in Columbus, OH:


Columbus botanical depot is a place to buy all types of organic CBD oils and other authentic natural CBD products at a fair price. They have a great selection of organic and inorganic CBD oils from famous sellers.

Everyone who works there is accommodating, assisting, and knowledgeable. The store employees have extensive knowledge about all the products that they sell. If you are visiting for the first time, they can guide you very well.

ADDRESS:  14 W Pacemont Rd, Columbus, OH 43202, United States.


The CBD oil shop is one of the most to-go stores of CBD in Columbus. Many people have recommended the CBD oils of this shop. They have a great selection of CBD oils. Their arrangement of CBD products in a separate aisle is perfect and easy to remember.

The staff assisting the visitors is very knowledgeable and friendly. They do not only deal with the buyers with patience but also put forward their recommendations.

ADDRESS: 20 S 3rd St Suite 210, Columbus, OH 43215, United States.


Here, you will probably get the world’s purest CBD oils. They make sure that their sellers have extracted the CBD oils from the real plant, Marijuana, and is 100% natural and pure.

They include weed with most of their CBD oils because Marijuana helps to cure depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Moreover, the staff qualified to guide the buyers is very good and friendly. They assist a newcomer very well. The owner is very humble and down to earth as well.

ADDRESS: Blacklick, OH 43004, United States.


Many CBD oils have something mixed with them, but this store sells pure CBD oils. Fambro’s CBD oils are a popular retailer store in Columbus that deals in pure CBD oils. Apart from CBD oils, they have CBD pills, CBD topicals, CBD creams, CBD gummies, and even CBD products for the pet.

The staff working behind the desk is ready to answer any query regarding their products. They are indeed professionally trained.

ADDRESS:  3258 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43213, United States.



If you are buying CBD oil for the first time in Columbus, OH, it is better to pay a visit to one of these stores nearest to your house. However, we do not vouch for their products’ credibility.

If you want to test out organic CBD oils at fair prices, you can visit our online CBD oil store for sure.

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